Eldor Ignition Coils

Over the years,BMW has for the most part relied on 2 suppliers for ignition coils.Bosch and Delphi,Bosch being the most prevalent over the past 15 years.In and around 2016 when customers were experiencing wide spread coil failures, BMW started to use Eldor as their new ignition coil supplier for almost all new BMW models being built, Since the introduction of the eldor coils the rate of failure has almost all but disappeared.When customers to talk to us about replacing coils, Its always the same. The are replacing either a bosch or delphi coil and not a Eldor coil.

Our recommendation to our customers is when ever they are preforming a ignition coils replacement,They always opt to use the Eldor Ignition coils in their BMW's along with the OEM plugs.



Eldor coils